Dorf Tirol - Tirolo

The municipality of Dorf Tirol is located only 6 km from Merano, on a sun-drenched panorama terrace.

Tirolo extends from the valley basin via the lower mountain range of the Kuechelberg up to the Lakes of Sopranes at 2500 m asl and boasts come 2500 inhabitants. The area of Tirolo is full of contrast and characterised by cypresses, palm trees and oleander on the one hand, while in higher altitudes coniferous trees and alpine flowers grow. The climate is rather Mediterranean with less rain and many hours of sun, which is favourable for the cultivation of grapevines.

Not only its location close to the Gruppo di Tessa nature park, but also the vast network of hiking paths including about 70 km of well-marked trails such as the Alta Via Meranese and the trail of the Sopranes lakes make Tirolo a first-class destination for those who love hiking. Also recommendable is a visit to the Muthof farms as well as Castel Tirolo with its provincial museum.

Pictures from Dorf Tirol (Tirolo)

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